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Are You A Google Junkie

Google this, Google that, Google Google Google…….
My call is Debbie and I am a Google PR Junkie.
I should snort at myself as I say that. Because to me I changed into a Google PR junkie. I needed to recognize what my PR changed into normal! Sometimes extra than once a day (adequate, good enough, i will admit) ordinary I checked as a minimum 4 times a day to make certain my PR become nonetheless the same or perhaps to look if it had moved up a notch. Yep I become truely addicted to Google. I idea Google changed into the light on the cease of the tunnel. If Google stated I changed into a positive PR then by all way it become proper. Why? Cause Google stated.
To me it become reassuring to look that little inexperienced line flow across the bar. I usually felt like I turned into in a on line casino and had simply pulled the deal with at the slot device as I sat and waited too see where the little green line might forestall. Silly, is not it? But but, I realize I’m not on my own. There are lots of us accessible that stay with the aid of the little inexperienced line. Well, I’m right here to announce that I even have simply recently placed myself in Google PR restoration. Yes, I am having some withdrawal signs however not anything I can’ t manage.
I recognise you’re thinking why did I must put myself in healing? Well, in the future that little green line become now not very fine to me. In truth, there has been no inexperienced line in any respect. Now of path this needed to be a mistake because simply two hours earlier than I nevertheless had my PR4. So there has been no manner this was correct. But after —- geesh I can’t even remember how many extra times I pulled the Google cope with it still got here up with out a green line. At that moment I started to sense betrayed, why become Google doing this to me when I have been one of these trustworthy player.
I could not recognize why that might appear. I have been adding content– some thing Google loves. I had been doing my linking. So I changed into starting to take it personally that Google just failed to like me. So after a few days of analyzing (and yes moping too). I determined that I didn’t want Google! Who become Google to tell me that my site did not have a PR? I knew I had been operating hard on my web site and so long as I knew that, that turned into adequate with me.
Well, come to discover I did still have my PR I simply had to cross approximately seeking out it in a unique way (without the www). Was Google looking to trick me? Well, from what I have understood Google receives careworn at instances which is appropriate, it takes place to the pleasant folks. But I nevertheless am keeping myself in recovery. I can see now that my existence was being managed by the inexperienced line. I will no longer allow that to show up again. Besides, I think if perhaps I just prevent focusing so much on it, It will flow up faster.
So my recommendation to every other Google PR Junkie….Don’t worry approximately the green line. As long as you understand you’re doing all your paintings and you have become site visitors on your website you then realize things are good enough. Focus extra on the matters you can manage, and overlook the uncontrollable green line.
This article was written by way of Debbie Reyes webmaster of http://www.Extra-profits-work-at-home-mother.Com


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